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Why short-term satisfaction will always be in the way of your success, discipline and reaching the things that are valuable in life

An entire generation grew up with the world at their fingertips. Just 30 years ago life was a lot different. The people didn’t have over 100 tv channels on their TV, allowing you to always find something entertaining…. Read More

17 Habits that take 10 minutes or less and will benefit you throughout the entire day

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Flow: it only comes from focus and purpose

That feeling that tennis players get when they play that final match That feeling a race driver gets when driving a race That feeling you get when you work on something and time just passes. It’s flow: the… Read More

22 Ways I keep myself motivated

Most people believe that motivation comes from just getting yourself to do something. Let’s be real: if you already are able to get yourself to do something then you’d be doing it by now. Pushing yourself to do… Read More